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  • Ventura Heritage 30-40 Krag 180gr SP Ammo - 20 Rounds

Ventura Heritage 30-40 Krag 180gr SP Ammo - 20 Rounds

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Brand Name:
Ventura Heritage
1.15 LBS

Product Description

  • Caliber: 30-40 Krag Ammo
  • Bullet Style: 180 Grain Soft Point
  • Case Type: New Brass
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2600 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 2702 ft/lbs
  • Quantity:  20/Pack

Product Reviews

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  1. Thank you for providing the .30-40 Krag community with ammo!!

    Posted by BA on 25th Jul 2017

    Having searched for almost a year (after deciding to bring my rifle out of retirement), I found Ventura Munitions was the only online retailer providing this ammo. I admit to the sticker shock of brand new obsolete ammo. But not staying current on .30-40 Krag ammo for >20 years, I was unaware of the scarcity of ammo. My loss. Nevertheless, this ammo literally measures up to some older Remington Core-Lokt and Winchester Super-X factory ammo I still have.

    The Graf head stamped brass has the exact same loaded case dimensions as the Rem and Win rounds. Graf brass on the exterior is bright and blemish free. The only very minor external difference from factory ammo that I can see is that radius around the flat of the case rim is at a slightly shallower angle than Rem and Win, as observed edge-on to the case rim.

    I have not fired the Ventura rounds so I can't yet speak to that aspect of the ammo. It will take some self-coaxing for me to shoot them (considering the cost), but I need to confirm performance. Well, as much performance as an 1899 Krag carbine with a reasonable bore will allow.

    I did check for feeding and chambering into my carbine (VERY SAFELY and strictly following the four gun safety fundamentals). The round fed without problems and chambers smoothly. However, I did notice the last 1/4 inch of bolt handle closure required more effort than the Rem or Win ammo. I suspect this might be due to the difference in rim radius as compared to the opposing radius in the bolt face. Perhaps the radius will fire form thus resolving the minor difference in angles.

    I'm very hopefully the Ventura ammo will be on par with Rem and Win. Just having a few more loaded rounds is comforting, nonetheless. And, having found new .30-40 Krag brass at I picked up several boxes based on the visual quality of the loaded Venture Munitions ammo.

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