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The New Mantis X Firearms Trainer now Available at Ventura Munitions!

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The new MantisX firearms training system is now available at Ventura Munitions. The MantisX is a small rail-mounted device that analyzes movement of the firearm through sensors calibrated to your firearm. The result is a real-time tracking of your shooting mechanics that can be immediately reviewed for mistakes. Any mistakes are accompanied by a lesson on how to fix common issues like breaking the wrist up or anticipating recoil.

The Manis X unit runs off of Bluetooth and connects to any smart device so even out in the middle of the desert, your firearms trainer is by your side, analyzing every movement of every shot. 94% of beta testers improved after only 20 minutes training with the Mantis system.

While the unit is designed for live-fire, it also has a C02 mode that allows users to safely train within the comfort of their own home using any air gun equipped with blow-back technology. The Mantis pairs perfectly with Sig Sauer’s impressive, full weight air gun line, also available at Ventura Munitions.

Stop in to get behind a CO2 Sig and test out the Mantis X only at Ventura Munitions here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Complete firearms training system for only $149.99!

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