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Black Hills 5.56mm 77gr OTM MK262 Ammo - 50 Rounds

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Black Hills Ammunition
2.00 LBS

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    1. Consistent Factory Ammo

      Posted by MDW on 3rd Oct 2019

      If you are considering purchasing the Black Hills Mk262 Mod 1 you are no doubt familiar with this cartridge and its connection to the U.S Military. This ammo has been precise out of my AR-15 (.223 Wylde, 20-in. barrel, 1:8). The accuracy part is up to me!

    2. super quick shipping

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2016

      excellent and very rapid service. delivery was a lot quicker than i have experienced with other suppliers.

    3. For precision shooting and pigs.

      Posted by RNG on 20th Aug 2014

      Have been using the Black Hills 77 grain in our Colt AR and Daniel Defense AR. The heavier grain has been providing better knock down on pigs and of course proves a very tight group on the range. Beware of other manufacturers of 77 grain and bigger for your AR. Not that they are bad, it's just that they may not load in your AR as they are too long. The Black Hills should work fine though.

    4. Blackhills 5.56 77gr Ammo

      Posted by john Thomas on 11th Aug 2014

      I have used Blackhills 5.56 77gr ammo replacing Federal tactical ammo..The results have been more than satisfactory. Accuracy is superb. Fired from Rock River 20" barrel 1x8 twist Leupold AR tactical Mark iv scope 4x12 groups at 200 yards were .25 MOA!!! I will continue to buy this ammo for my use...

    5. .75 MOA

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2014

      Using B/H remfg 77 gr HPBT shot 3 5/shot groups w/in .75 inch @ 100 yrs with my R/R Varmit with 20 in Bull BBL 1/8 twist.

    6. Black Hills 77 gr ammo

      Posted by john T on 20th Nov 2013

      Excellent product- .75 MOA at 200 yards will compete with any factory ammo or hand loads. Will reorder as long as this load is carried .. I use it in a RRA 20 inch heavy stainless barrel with a 1 x 8 twist..Great quality

    7. Inadequate packaging for shipping; containers damaged in transit

      Posted by Nameless on 20th Nov 2012

      Ventura Munitions shipped my order of this hard-to-find round on time; however, the shells were rattling around inside the boxes, because both boxes had been severely damaged in transit. Black Hills ships its factory new rounds in very sturdy black plastic holders, which keep each individual round upright. However, Ventura placed the boxes inside a plain cardboard box with minimal padding, which allowed the plastic round holders to shatter in the cold as they were tossed around the UPS truck during the nearly 3K mile journey cross country. I am looking forward to testing these rounds to make sure I don't have FTF from shell damage caused by the poor packaging. Of note, I have bought several boxes of this round (and the 50 Gr. Barnes TSX, which is also hard to find at a good price nowadays) from other companies. I have never had the boxes destroyed in transit, primarily because other vendors use superior packaging (air pouches, cardboard surrounding the boxes inside the main box, etc.).

    8. good ammo, not great

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Oct 2012

      I experimented with some BH ammo in hopes of MOA accuracy with my Sig 556. This ammo performed no better than standard Federal. I'll stick with handloads for accuracy.

    9. Outstanding Consistent Accuracy!

      Posted by Lee Clark on 6th Jul 2012

      Next to precision handloads, this round outshoots any other commercial match grade .223 ammo I've shot from my RRA NM AR-15. In testing, it consistently shoots 1/2 MOA groups; better than Federal Gold Match 77 gr, Hornady 75 gr and Atlanta Arms 77gr (ammo currently shot by the USAMU at 200 & 300 yds). Although I normally shoot handload 80 gr Berger VLD at 600 yds, this round is a close second--especially in zero or very light winds. It truly is the best "across the course" round if one only wants to use a single load for all three ranges in EIC competition. At about $1 per round, it's expensive. But for someone who isn't set up for precision handloading but still wants guaranteed accuracy, this is the go-to round to score "X" and 10 hits.

    10. Latest Technoligy available to the consumer... finally

      Posted by I Marine on 4th Dec 2011

      Iordered a case after reading this... and it was the best investment I have made so far.

      "The Mk 262 is a match quality round manufactured by Black Hills Ammunition made originally for the Special Purpose Rifle (SPR). It uses a 77-grain (5.0 g) bullet that is more effective at longer ranges than the standard issue M855 round.

      Two versions of the round have been procured to date. Initial production runs, designated Mark 262 Mod 0, lacked a cannelure. Subsequent production, designated Mk 262 Mod 1, added a cannelure to the bullet for effective crimping.

      According to US DoD sources, the Mk 262 round is capable of making kills at 700 meters. Ballistics tests found that the round caused "consistent initial yaw in soft tissue" at more than 300 meters. Apparently it is superior to the standard M855 round when fired from an M4 or M16 rifle. It evidently possesses superior stopping power, and can allow for engagements to be extended to up to 700 meters. It appears that this round can drastically improve the performance of any AR15 platform weapon chambered to .223/5.56 mm. Superior accuracy, wounding capacity, stopping power and range power has made this the preferred round of many Special Forces operators, and highly desirable as a replacement for the older, Belgian-designed 5.56×45mm M855 NATO round. Hard target penetration is slightly decreased.

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