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Ventura Tactical 45 ACP 200gr Coated SWC Ammo - 250 Rounds

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Brand Name:
Ventura Tactical
10.75 LBS

Product Description

We have teamed up and created a tactical ammunition line that is priced for any shooting sport. These rounds are precision loaded in fully processed once-fired brass with a 200 Grain SWC bullet. The projectile is coated to reduce fouling and increase functionality. The combination yields a great accuracy and value for any shooting sport. In stock and usually ships same day.
  • Caliber: .45 ACP Ammo
  • Bullet Style: 200 Grain HiTek Coated Lead Semi-Wadcutter
  • Case Type: Processed Brass
  • Muzzle Velocity: 810mv-fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 291ft/lbs
  • Quantity: 250/Case


Please note: Because our loadings use factory pulled & once fired components, some rounds may have slight cosmetic blemishes such as light scratches or small dents. These issues are cosmetic and will not affect firing or extraction in any way. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ammunition please contact us.
A number of semi auto stock pistols may encounter feeding problems when firing Semi-Wad or Full Wad Cutter rounds. These rounds are designed for practice and for competition shooting. While most higher quality firearms will feed smoothly, some will require that the feed ramp may  need to be to be polished or, in some cases, relieved. Please be sure that your firearm is capable of feeding the SWC or WC bullets before ordering.


 Proudly Made in the USA

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  • Manufacturer Product #: VT45ACP200SWC250


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Product Reviews

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  1. Great for Bullseye competition,

    Posted by Randy Sneed on 26th Nov 2019

    Clean, feed quite well. I would like to see a little softer load. These chrono'd at 825 fps. When I load my own I use 3.9g of Bullseye so they are pretty soft. I think I will try the non coated bullets on my next order.

  2. fun at the range

    Posted by chris on 2nd Mar 2019

    Good reliable ammo for the range, fed through my 1911 with no problems. still a little hot but good.

  3. Great value and performance.

    Posted by Terry Erwin on 20th Apr 2016

    I've just started shooting action pistol in the single stack class, so I was looking for good range ammo, and this fills the bill. Lower recoil, reliable feeding, clean holes in the targets, and more accurate than I am. I had heard "molly horror stories", but this is easy cleaning and easy on the barrel with reduced leading (virtually none!). I'll keep coming back for more.

  4. Problem-free and economical for Bullseye

    Posted by dgelber on 16th Jun 2015

    I go through about 500 rds per month of this ammo. I have never had a misfeed or failure to fire. With the new regular size primer there are no issues with reloading these reloads. I am extremely happy with this Ventura product, and as always shipping is fast. I just wish they were always in stock instead of sold out so quickly!

  5. A great bang for the buck

    Posted by Scott on 12th Mar 2015

    I think this ammo burns clean and for the price great target ammo but I also think it would do some damage if tested.

  6. Good value

    Posted by Mike on 6th Jan 2015

    Used in Kimber 1911 with no issues over 500 rounds thus far. Ran 20 plus rounds through a chronograph and consistency was very good, with good power factors, if you track that sort of thing. Will definitely be purchasing more.

  7. Very good value

    Posted by Mike on 28th Dec 2014

    Very good target round. Well below the cost of anything comparable.

  8. Great deal, accurate, reliable

    Posted by dg on 8th Dec 2014

    This is a great deal on bulk semiwadcutter ammo for bullseye shooting. Punches a clean hole, very accurate at 25yds with a Kimber 1911, and only one FTF in 500 rds, probably due to old spring rather than ammo. I have gone through 1000 rds and keep coming back for more.

  9. 45 ACP SWC ammo

    Posted by Mike Farrell on 25th Nov 2014

    This ammo worked well in my Kimber Pro Carry ll. Clean and consistent with no failures to feed or eject. this is a product I would continue to use and order. The web site was easy to use and the ammo arrived in record time.

  10. inexpenive and accurate

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Nov 2014

    Being too lazy to reload anymore, I use this stuff for target shooting out of a couple of accurized guns. I'm no marksman, but it's far better in that department than the 230-grain surplus that competes at the price level. I've never had a misfire and I seem to put most of them in the black at 25 yards when I bother to pay attention. But if I don't pay attention, that's not the ammo's fault, is it?

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