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HSM 32-20 Winchester 115gr RNFP-H Ammo - 50 Rounds

6 product reviews
Brand Name:
Hunting Shack Ammunition
3.00 LBS

Product Description

Hunting Shack Ammunition (HSM) has been manufacturing high quality ammunition in the United States for over 30 years. HSM only uses the best in domestic components, from the primer to the bullet head you can be assured that they are all premium and combined in such a manner as to provide the Ventura Munitions customer the most in Custom Ammunition. All products are loaded either task specific or designed to cover a number of application. HSM provides ammunition to federal and state agencies, wildlife departments, and most other law enforcement agencies around the country. Their ammo has become well known for its accuracy, reliability, consistency, and affordability. If there are any technical questions, never hesitate to call HSM’s premier online supplier, Ventura Munitions. If we don’t have the answer at our finger tips we will do the research and obtain the information for you…. If it’s about HSM, think

  • Caliber: 32-20 Winchester
  • Bullet Style: 115 Grain, Round Nose Flat Point-Hard
  • Case Type: New
  • Muzzle Velocity: 850mv-fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 185me
  • Quantity: 50/Box 20/Case

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  • Manufacturer Product #: HS32-20WIN-1
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    1. very good

      Posted by Richard on 11th Jan 2016

      Shot very well in both my 1903 Colt SAA and my 1892 Winchester couldn't be happier

    2. Great Target Ammo

      Posted by Rudi Prohaska on 14th Mar 2014

      Light shooting and accurate target ammo. This shot great in my Ruger 32-20 single action, very accurate, light recoil. Some fouling, but really no more than my .38 reloads with Unique powder. If they had any more I would buy it.

    3. 32-30 ammo

      Posted by Robertson on 13th Feb 2013

      This ammo shot very smooth with little kick and right on target. I really have no new ammo of this caliber to compare it to. All the 32-20 ammo previously used was 30 and 40 yrs old.

    4. good ammo

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2013

      good ammo

    5. Nice shooting ammo

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2012

      I fired a few of these yesterday back-to-back with another brand claiming to push the same weight bullet 200 fps faster. Couldn't feel any difference in recoil in my 6" barrel Colt, but the HSM were grouping much tighter at 25 yards. That could be shooter error, but HSM also had less smoke, which is a plus for me. These are about as cheap as it gets in .32-20, so they'll be my preferred plinking ammo. I'd also like to try the HSM 100 gr JHP, if those ever come back into stock.

    6. Good as any brand without brakeing the budget.

      Posted by FREDDIE on 17th Aug 2012

      For my 105 year old S&W hand eject these work fine. Remington ,Winchester , and other brands are priced twice as much and are no advantage in quality. I would suggest jackected hollow point for rifle.

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